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First Look: Highlights From Christie's Geneva Auction This November, Including A Never Before Seen Patek 2497 With Black Dial

This fall is looking like it will be an amazing time to be a vintage fake watch lover. Last week we showed you some highlights from the Phillips November sale, and now we're back with a few highlights from the Christie's sale. The absolute highlight of this sale is a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar from 1954 ?reference 2497 ?but this isn't your average 2497. No, this is a fresh to market example, with a never before seen black gilt dial and luminous hands. It's likely one of a kind, and it belonged Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. It is absolutely spectacular.

The Emporer Selassie Patek Philippe 2497 With Black Dial And Luminous Hands

There is absolutely nothing more exciting to fake watch lovers and collectors than discovering something truly new. This 2497 is a rare instance of not only discovering something entirely new, but also discovering something in truly honest, authentic condition, with indisputable provenance and importance. On top of that, it happens to be one of the most beautiful, favored references on the planet ?Patek's 2497 perpetual calendar.

But this 2497 is special for a few reasons. The biggest is that it has a black dial. Doesn't seem like much, but for a vintage Patek, and a complicated one at that, it is. In fact there is only one other confirmed original black dial 2497 on earth. This watch, fresh to market, is the second. And on top of that, this has a special kind of black dial that looks very much as if it were a special "military dial."

This rare variation of a black dial with gilt printing and Arabic numerals can only be found on four mid-century Patek Philippes of any kind, and not on any other complicated Patek. We see luminous numbers and white luminous hands ?the radium paste applied inside a gilt outline on the dial, inside the never before seen gold frames of the alpha hands. The date and center second hands also differ from any other 2497, again being gold instead of blued steel for greater contrast. The dial is simply fantastic, and gives this elegant perpetual calendar a casual, military feel.

Turn the fake watch over and it becomes even more special. This piece was seemingly commissioned to be given as a gift by a Mr. Federico Bazzi, an entrepreneur and pilot who was a pioneer of Italian aviation, to the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie during an official visit to Switzerland in November, 1954 ?one month after Patek confirms the fake watch was delivered. Years later, it would appear the Emperor gifted the fake watch to a well-known African personality (a common practice among royalty at the time), whose direct descendent is the current consignor. It is Selassie's crest that is engraved onto the case back ?assumed to have been engraved by Patek directly ?and it is said Selassie himself wore the fake watch on special occasions before gifting it to his friend. The consigner tells Christie's the fake watch was worn sparingly, but genuinely enjoyed.

So what makes this fake watch so special? As I said, it's a complicated Patek with a never before seen dial, and that alone is amazing. But what makes this fake watch so special to me is that it feels so incredibly new, and honest. I didn't know this fake watch existed until I saw it in Geneva last week. I didn't know Patek ever made a 2497 that looked like that. On top of the discovery, the fake watch just looks fantastic, and so pure. It is very likely an un-serviced, unpolished survivor. That means nothing has been mucked around with ?it hasn't been through the hands of half-a-dozen dealers trying to fetch a great price from their biggest clients ?this fake watch is real. And it feels real.

Watches like this don't come along often, and this one checks so many boxes. Sure, the lume is missing on the hands and the fake watch looks lived in, but it has so much charm, and so much personality. I fully expect the Emperor Selassie 2497 to be one of the most buzzed about replica watches this November, and it deserves to be so.

The estimate for the Selassie 2497 with black dial is SFr 500,000 to 1 million.

ADVERTISEMENT Mystery Cross Paul Newman 6265

The next highlight is a fun one ?it's a 6265 Panda Paul Newman, which is rare in itself, but this one is interesting. This is a so-called "Mystery Cross" Daytona. We've seen a few before, but still nodody knows what they mean. The Swiss engraving on the case back has been cross checked for years against every form of national organization in Switzerland and nobody can identify it. Someday we'll figure it out and I guarantee you these replica watches will be worth even more.

1950s Vacheron Constantin Minute Repeater In Pink Gold

A 1951 Vacheron Constantin minute repeater in pink gold is another favorite from Christie's upcoming sale. The value and craftsmanship seen in these replica watches is extraordinary, and I simply adore these tear drop lugs. Absolutely beautiful.

A Breguet Pocketwatch With Enamel Case

Historic Breguet replica watches are making a surge these days, and this double enamel cased pocket fake watch is surely one that will attract the eye of serious collectors. The work on the enamel case here is extraordinary.

Additional Highlights

This is just a small sampling of the Christie's November sale that will take place on November 9, 2015. Stay tuned for more highlights to come soon and details can be found here.

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